The Experiment

During their working life, employees spend on average a third of their waking hours at their desk. This explains why domestic duties also have to be performed here. Which adds to stress at work.  Research has shown that office-based workers spend on average 1h20 of their 8h working day organising personal activities [relating to food, clothing, maintenance of cars and bicycles, …].

In a neighbourhood in which 44% of the population is inactive [double the UK average of 21%], this sounds like a bad division of labour. And hence of income. Outsourcing tasks as from overstretched employees to unemployed locals allows the latter to test and improve their skills, the former to concentrate on what they are good at with less stress, and both to contribute to the development of the local area.

To explore the potential of this mutually reinforcing connection, we want to set up a self-sustaining company that offers micro-services to employees. This experimental enterprise will be at the cutting edge of  Human Resource Management, Corporate Social Responsibility values, community relations and the gig economy. In the run-up to its launch, the company is seeking input from experts to anticipate and overcome legal, social, political and practical hurdles. If you are an HR, CSR, community engagement or gig economy expert, join or experiment.