The Challenge

Is it not a real shame, that so much of the talent in Somers Town remains invisible?
We heard of people who are very good with food, plants, bicycles or mechanics, but hardly ever turn these skills into a project. Together these people and talents make up an image of the area that is completely different from the one we know from media and researchers.
We therefore set ourselves a challenge: find at least 15 people that have a skill or a talent that could one day become a real project. Publishing these 15 skills into a portfolio serves two purposes: it shows that there is more to Somers Town that meets the eye; and for the people with talent or skills being published, this could well be that pretext that makes their project real.

So are you talented, pondering a project or know someone who is or does? Contact us!

If you want to be part of the challenge fill the questionnaire here!